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When Do I Need Garage Door Repair Services Near Me?

Garage door repair services are a necessary expense on a homeowners to-do list. Keeping these doors functioning properly is an important part of keeping your family and belongings safe. There are a few key things you can do to maintain your garage door and prevent the need for expensive repairs. However, it is also important to know when the time comes to call in local repair experts. When you need installation, maintenance, or repair in the Hudson Valley and surrounding counties, contact Captain Garage Door Services ( first.

Common Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

It is important to be able to identify when you have a problem that needs attention quickly. Over time, things wear out and problems may arise. Any time your garage door does not operate the same as it did when it was new, it may be time to call in professionals to help. Here are some common signs you may need garage door repair:

· If the door is making a lot of noise when it opens or closes, that is usually a sign there is something wrong. It could be that the cables are loose or the rollers need lubrication.

· If the door does not open all the way, or if it opens and then quickly closes again, that could mean there is something blocking it from opening fully. This might be caused by a broken spring or by something caught in the door.

· If you notice that your garage door is not closing properly, or if it is taking longer than usual to close, that could be another sign of a problem. This might mean that the sensors are dirty or misaligned.

When a New Garage Door Installation Makes Sense

When your garage door starts to malfunction, you need to have it repaired as soon as possible. However, sometimes a new garage door installation makes more sense than continual fixes on an older model. This can save you headaches and considerable amount of money over time. It also allows you to upgrade your home for higher property value and increased curb appeal.

When you need garage door repair and installation services, do not attempt to do it yourself. Make an appointment with Captain Garage Door Service ( and experience the difference a professional team makes.

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